Links 11-24-2010: V-Mart reactions, catcher

The news yesterday of Victor Martinez signing with the Tigers has ignited a lot of skepticism about the Red Sox for next season, but it’s still WAAAY too early to judge this offseason. It’s hard to keep perspective on the situation when Detroit’s winning bid was just $8M more than our best offer; for a team like the Red Sox, that’s easily absorbed over four seasons. They simply didn’t like him as their catcher for the long haul, and we have plenty of other needs to fill.

What do we do about catcher now? Everyone is agreed that we have some potentially good options in the pipeline, but we’ll need to sign someone for the short-term while we wait to see what exactly we have in Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Salty knows he needs to capitalize on this opportunity; let’s just hope he doesn’t pressure himself too much, because the fans won’t cut him much slack, I’m afraid. With the departure of Martinez, catcher could become our new shortstop, that seemingly unfillable position that leaves fans dissatisfied every year.

Does the loss of Martinez now mean that Adrian Beltre is a must-sign? I don’t think so. Also, the Bill James projections seem to think that Jed Lowrie might serve just fine as our third baseman in 2011.

Lou Merloni thinks it’s time to trade Jonathan Papelbon, before he loses any more value and then walks as a free agent anyway. I’m not opposed to the idea in principle, but I think you’d be hard pressed to find a buyer at his projected salary, especially after Pap’s down year. The Sox would have to pay shipping on him, and I think it’s better to keep him in that case.

The Sox did not offer abritration to Jason Varitek, because he is the one guy who is likely to accept and make a handsome salary in 2011. That doesn’t mean they won’t try to bring him back in some limited capacity. Here’s a rundown of how Theo Epstein has handled arbitration offers in his tenure here. He’s been pretty effective.

A quick look at FanGraphs’ new “pace” statistic shows that several Sox pitchers are among the slowest workers in the game. It’s not just Daisuke Matsuzaka’s flaw!

The Red Sox signed 27-year old minor leaguer Drew Sutton last week. He’s always gotten on base in the minors, and can play several positions, making him a perfect utilityman. Nice pickup by Boston.

26-year old Juan Carlos Linares really opened some eyes in the AFL this season. He might be a really unexpected boost to this farm system.

In preparation for the offseason and eventually the Rule 5 draft, the Sox added Luis Exposito, Stolmy Pimentel and Oscar Tejeda to their 40-man roster. We only have one slot left at this point.

The Sox were recognized by MLB for their generous charitable efforts, mainly their cooperation with the Jimmy Fund. It’s nice to root for a team that’s generous.


2 Responses to Links 11-24-2010: V-Mart reactions, catcher

  1. Pat says:

    If only we could get Hanley Ramirez in a trade. He would be worth unloading the farm for, probably more than Jupton.

    I know that probably won’t happen, but if we put Lowrie at third, and have Youk and Ortiz at 1B and DH, are we really going to give Scutaro the starting job at SS next year?

    • redsoxtalk says:

      Hanley is certainly a player that the Red Sox misjudged in terms of what he could be, but it’s tough to quibble with the trade that brought us Josh Beckett and MIke Lowell, both key parts of the 2007 World Series team.

      The Marlins will be shopping him in time, I’d imagine, but that’s still at least two or three years down the line from now.

      The only scenario in which I see the Red Sox forced to start that infield would be one in which we blow all our considerable money on Crawford/Werth and are unable to land a 1B/3B at a reasonable price (and even then, I’d expect us to get a veteran to complement Lowrie). The plan would then be to wait and snag A-Gonz at the trading deadline. Lowrie for half a season to get Gonzalez? I could live with that.

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