Links 12-15-2010: Guerrier to LAD, Albers, ticket$, WAR expectations, more

Now that Scott Downs has signed with the Halos and Matt Guerrier with the Dodgers, the Red Sox are hesitant to go three years with any of the remaining relievers, hence the lull. They are supposedly adding hard-throwing righty Matt Albers, who has never done well in the ERA department, but has a good sinker and pitched very well towards the end of last season. Hey, at least it’s a start.

The two big signings last week accomplished what ownership set out to do, as the Red Sox sold 238,818 tickets last weekend. That’s almost back up to post-2007 World Series level. Wow.

The Phillies are pretty darn good now that Cliff Lee is in the fold. Dave Cameron does the WAR analysis, and says that he expects the Red Sox to be right up there as a team that’s expected to win 98 games. “Expected” is the key word here.


With so many lefties, it’s pretty hard to figure out what Terry Francona will do with this lineup. Sox Therapy takes a look here.

Jeff Zimmerman is working on a DL prediction system for pitchers, and guess who’s expected to be the 2nd most fragile pitcher in the Majors this year? Our own Daisuke Matsuzaka.

2006 was a notably bad offseason for big free agent deals. Matsuzaka was one of the underperformers, but J.D. Drew was actually the only player who signed a 4+ year deal and returned value for the money he was paid. So if you don’t like his contract, just think how Astros fans must feel about what they got from Carlos Lee.


2 Responses to Links 12-15-2010: Guerrier to LAD, Albers, ticket$, WAR expectations, more

  1. Deborah says:

    Please sign Andrew Miller! He is a great pitcher given the chance with a team like The Red Sox. I hope he signs soon because I am so tired of waiting to find out where he will go…

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