Links 12-27-2010: Lefty lineup, Jenks’ role, the bullpen, character guys, minors

It’s no coincidence that the Red Sox spent big money on two big left-handed bats the same offseason they decided to bring in those right-field fences about 10 feet. All the lefties in the lineup should benefit some as a result.

You have to like the Red Sox’ thinking on signing Bobby Jenks to a two-year contract. Yes, he is slated to be the setup guy for Jonathan Papelbon, but the incentive clauses in his contract make it pretty clear that he could take over the role should Papelbon be traded, falter, or leave via free agency next year. Very proactive. It’s just that you can’t talk about that stuff while Papelbon is still the team’s closer.

Here is a look at what our bullpen could look like as of this point, though more moves are certainly possible.

What kind of guys did the Red Sox get in Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford? Gonzalez is a strongly religious man who is reliable day in and day out, while Crawford is the kind of guy who appreciates all the staff of the Tampa Bay Rays with a barbeque meal.

The Red Sox have done pretty well for themselves in amassing a lot of draft picks for 2011, despite signing two big Type A free agents. The Rays have also stockpiled their draft picks well, but let’s see how they adjust to picking at the end of the first round rather than at the very top of the draft every year.

Brent Dlugach, who was taken off the 40-man roster last week, cleared waivers and has been assigned to Pawtucket.

The Red Sox announced their minor league staffing appointments for 2011.

Did we empty out the farm to trade for Gonzalez? It was certainly a massive loss of talent, but there’s still plenty of upside down there.


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