1-31-2011: Pedey’s foot in question, watching ST, prospect rankings, random factoids

Pedey’s foot

Dustin Pedroia set off alarms around Red Sox Nation this week when he said in a radio interview that “there have been some surprises” with his foot recovery this offseason. Things are not going as quickly as he thought, but it’s still pretty early. I think it mainly affects his conditioning at this point, but it’s not like he’s Pablo Sandoval here. Don’t panic unless he packs the crutches for Florida.

Spring Training TV Schedule

NESN released their spring schedule.

Prospect rankings

Keith Law released his top 100 prospects this week, and Kevin Goldstein released his top 11 Red Sox prospects list as well on Baseball Prospectus. Long story short, the Red Sox system took a big hit when we traded Casey Kelly and Anthony Rizzo to the Padres; we now lack any truly high-ceiling talent according to these evaluators, but things can change in a hurry. Players break out, we get a lot of draft picks in June, and we can restock again.

LHP Drake Britton shot up the rankings with a strong 2010. Looks like we’ll have to do a profile on him soon.

Random factoids

These are things you sort of knew already, but it’s still interesting to see quantitated. How about AL East attendance being the best in baseball? The brass have gotta be happy about that 99.6% attendance for Fenway Park. They’re doing all kinds of things right on the marketing side as well as the baseball side of things.


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