4-8-2011: Yankees series predictions, Aceves called up

If there was any inkling of overconfidence by these Red Sox coming into the 2011 season, it’s gone now. The defensive and baserunning miscues we saw this week showed a general lack of focus and preparedness, and those need to be dealt with, NOW. Our boys limp into Boston 0-6 on the year, having been swept in embarrassing fashion by the Rangers, and now even the rebuilding Indians at the Jake. I don’t think any less of this team talent-wise, but I do think that there’s a comfort level which has to be reached, and it will only happen after we win our first game.

Game 1: Phil Hughes vs. John Lackey

Normally, I’d say that Hughes is a better pitcher, but you have to take into account the beating that he took in his first start against Detroit. Don’t discount the fact that his fastball was clocking in at only 89 mph, whereas it’s normally about 3-4 mph faster. I think Lackey surprises us with a pretty solid outing (say 2-3 runs over 6 innings) and we finally win our first game here.

Game 2: Clay Buchholz vs. Ivan Nova

With the monkey off of our backs, the Red Sox will finally relax and play some baseball. As they often tend to do against young starters, they will struggle a little bit early, but put some runs on the board by the 5th or 6th inning. Buchholz will turn in a very good performance, the Sox come from behind and win this one.

Game 3: CC Sabathia vs. Josh Beckett

Anytime we face Sabathia, our chances are not real good. It will be interesting to see what kind of lineup Terry Francona throws out there against the toughest lefty we’ve faced yet, and how this lefty-heavy offense will fare against him. I expect Mike Cameron to get the start in right, or if Darnell McDonald starts there, he could be pushed into centerfield.

Roster move for Aceves

Right-handed swingman Alfredo Aceves was called up yesterday to replace the injured Matt Albers on the active roster. With the way the Red Sox pitchers have struggled, I don’t blame Theo Epstein for wanting another long man up here for this series against the Yankee offense. Why Aceves? Well, if you recall, he was in pinstripes just last year, and was “surprised” at being cut somewhat unceremoniously by Brian Cashman. I’m not saying it’s a major reason, but it doesn’t hurt to bring up somebody with some motivation to pitch well against New York.


One Response to 4-8-2011: Yankees series predictions, Aceves called up

  1. redsoxtalk says:

    Phil Hughes lasts just two innings as the Red Sox score six runs off of him early. Still a lot of ball to go, but it’s looking good!

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