4-17-2011: The first step to recovery is to admit there’s a problem…

Anybody else out there have a problem with the way John Lackey handles himself after a bad outing?

April 2, after lasting just 3.2 innings in his first start of the year against Texas, surrendering 9 runs on 10 hits:

I felt pretty good out there….. Just a couple of bad pitches, otherwise I was real happy with the way I threw the ball.

April 8th, after allowing 6 runs on 7 hits and 2 walks over 5 innings to the Yankees at home:

My command was fine. Every ball they hit was down the line for extra-base hits. If I can keep them in the middle, they turn into singles and no runs.

As if it’s not bad enough watching you give up extra base hit after extra base hit out there, we have to listen to this too? No wonder they skipped your turn this week over Daisuke Matsuzaka. And this isn’t a new thing. I remember the beginning of last year, when he was talking about being happy with his velocity and the way he threw, despite the results. John – take a lesson in honesty from Bobby Jenks:

All I can say is I stunk.

That will at least earn you some respect with the Boston fans, fer sure.


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