6-9-2011: Injuries piling on

I’m feeling pretty good about our Sox right now, as they continue to show how faulty the Yankee rotation is. That being said, there are a number of problems developing on the injury front…

The Dice-K Drama

Daisuke Matsuzaka will undergo season-ending Tommy John surgery next week. While many are suggesting that this is the end of his tenure in Boston, he’s still got one year left, and with the speed of recovery these days after TJ, I think we could see him come back for one more go-round. Okay, given the number of headaches Daisuke has given the Red Sox and the amount of time lost to injury, we can safely say that this signing was a failure. Matsuzaka did not live up to the hype or the contract, though he did provide some decent value when he was healthy.

Tim Wakefield gets to go back into the rotation for now, which is great for him and his pursuit of the most wins for a Red Sox pitcher. There’s not a huge dropoff in talent from Dice-K to Wake, and he’s been fairly solid thus far, but that body of his will break down at some point, so I am getting mildly concerned going forward. Let’s just hope that Felix Doubront works out and we won’t have to see Kevin Millwood up here.

Pedroia’s knee could require surgery

Dustin Pedroia has not been himself this year, and for good reason. He hurt his right knee back on May 16, and that has hampered him at the dish and in the field. Add to that the early issues with his surgically-repaired foot, and you’ll see why he’s batting just . He’s going to see a doctor today about the knee. At the very least, should he require significant DL time, we’ve got the middle infielders to handle the job while he’s out.

Hill to undergo Tommy John

Lefty reliever Rich Hill will also require Tommy John surgery, and he will have it done this coming week. His new delivery has been a revelation in the bullpen so far, so it’s really disappointing to lose him, and the Sox don’t have a direct replacement for him. Looks like Tommy Hottovy will have to do for now.

Bobby Jenks pulled his back and returned to the DL today, so that bullpen is in need of some support. Step it up, guys.

Andrew Miller and his opt out

Andrew Miller has an opt-out in his contract for June 15, so he actually may be hoping that the Sox do not call him up by that time. Given the state of our rotation, I think that we would at least want to see him once or twice to see if he can provide some quality innings for us.


4 Responses to 6-9-2011: Injuries piling on

  1. Pat says:

    Good call on the Pedroia injury. Hopefully he didn’t damage his knee playing injured, waiting for Scutaro to come back.

    Lots of injuries but nothing devastating. If we lost one of Beckett, Lester, or Buchholz, things would be a lot worse.

    • redsoxtalk says:

      I have been saying for almost a month that Pedroia looks like he needs some time off. I would rather have been wrong about the injury, but hopefully he can come back and be more “normal” for the rest of the year. With the Sox riding a hot streak to the top of the division, now’s as good a time as any for Pedey to hit the DL.

  2. redsoxtalk says:

    Now we’ve got Lowrie back on the DL, and Carl Crawford has joined him there. Gotta love that the Sox have guys like Scutaro and Reddick they can just plug in and keep chugging on, but we won’t keep up this streak of winning forever.

  3. Pat says:

    Not to mention Buchholz, and missed starts from Beckett. The injuries are really adding up now.

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