2012: A New Manager, A New GM, A New Red Sox Talk Blogger.

Hi there, Red Sox (Talk) Nation,

My name’s Shane. I’m 24 and currently live in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been playing ball since I was six and have been a member of Red Sox Nation since 2008. It’s almost in my blood. No, it is in my blood.

After seeing Donald depart as administrator of ‘Red Sox Talk’ at the end of 2011, unable to continue posting about the Sox, I was a little saddened. He proposed that someone could take over in his absence, which is how I’ve come to be writing here. I emailed him and he was happy to pass the reins on to me. I’ve blogged about the Red Sox before but my blog isn’t exactly the right place for baseball related information—it’s not that big in Australia yet. So I’m really happy to be doing this: blogging on an established site.

Basically, this is just a quick hello from me. I created a new email—redsoxtalk38@gmail.com—and a Twitter—@red_sox_talk. Each post will posted there, allowing more people to have there say on everything Red Sox.

Until you here from me, all the best. Go Sox.



2 Responses to 2012: A New Manager, A New GM, A New Red Sox Talk Blogger.

  1. Janny says:

    Omg I luv ur piece on da red sox, it rox!

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