Link: Batting stance guy

If you haven’t watched the batting stance guy do last year’s Red Sox, you’re missing out.

His Youkilis impression totally made me lose it at work.

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2009 Offseason: Sox inquired on Hanley Ramirez

It has been reported that after losing out on Mark Teixeira, the Red Sox brass contacted the Florida Marlins to see what they might accept for Hanley Ramirez. Yeah, that Hanley; the same one we sent to Florida from Boston as part of an exchange for Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell. I’m sure the Marlins asked for the moon and then some (the rumor is that they included Jacoby Ellsbury and Clay Buchholz at the least), and the talks were quickly scuttled.

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Link: Jon Lester according to PITCHf/x

Don’t miss this fun read on understanding Jon Lester’s stuff using PITCHf/x on Driveline Mechanics!

2009 Offseason: Sox sign Penny, Bard

The Red Sox finally signed somebody, but it wasn’t the big name most fans were waiting for. Still, they got two solid players in Brad Penny and Josh Bard for a small investment. Outside of targeted big-name signings, this is the way the Red Sox work, taking chances on injured pitchers and lesser-known free agents.

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2009 Offseason: Yankees get Teixeira

Well, in case you missed it, it is now official – Mark Teixeira will be a New York Yankee for the next eight years. Just when I was beginning to think it was possible for us to win. GM Brian Cashman played this one close to the vest, and swooped in to land their third major free agent prize in two weeks. The Red Sox were standing firm on their offer of 8 years, $168M, and New York trumped them with a $180M offer over the same term. Teixeira’s new deal comes with full no-trade protection.

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2009 Offseason: Baldelli hopeful, Cash non-tendered

Rocco Baldelli, a talented right-handed hitting outfielder from Rhode Island, would make an excellent addition as a fourth outfielder, but the Red Sox have hesitated to sign him, as he was diagnosed with a rare mitochondrial disorder which may severely limit his playing time. Now it seems that the diagnosis is not as bad as initially thought, and Baldelli is drawing interest from several teams. He is an athletic defender who can play all three outfield spots and hit with some power. I project him to hit roughly .262/.303/.462 in 2009.

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2009 Offseason: Teixeira mess or just business?

Free agent prize Mark Teixeira wanted to have a deal done by Christmas, and it’s almost time. I’ve said all along that the Red Sox would sign Teixeira only if the price was right. The free agent market has been surprisingly deflated due to the unstable economy, and players are not signing for the premium numbers they once did (apart from some notable exceptions, like CC Sabathia). Now with the Angels bowing out of the chase for Teixeira and the Yankees showing lukewarm interest, this deal may actually be happening. Let’s take a look at the current situation and the potential impact on the team.

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