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Hi, and thanks for visiting Red Sox Talk. I hope you enjoy the articles and discussion put up here.

I am looking for co-authors to join me and help me to expand this blog and make it a better, more comprehensive stop for Red Sox information. You just need to be passionate about the Red Sox and baseball, and I definitely welcome people with viewpoints different from my own. In particular, I’d like to split up some of the coverage of the game summaries, breaking news and the minor leagues.

If interested in becoming a part of this blog, please email me at If you have your own blog, I’d like to read it to get a sense of your writing style and personal interests. Thanks, and enjoy!


3 Responses to Join up

  1. Jaxon says:

    Hi, this is Jaxon. I am a red sox fan and I live in red sox nation. I feel as if I could provide some valuable information on this blog.

  2. bonnie says:

    Diehard Red Sox Fan since 1967. Enjoy reading everything about the Red Sox.

  3. Jaxon says:

    Hello, I’ve want to help for this sports website. I am a Red Sox fan and will always be. I can write 1 post per week. Any questions, email me.

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