2009-11-17 Links: Minor league free agents, Adrian Gonzalez, Hermida

The Red Sox lost a number of players to minor league free agency this week. These players are no longer a part of the organization, though I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of them come back:

P Devern Hansack, P Charlie Zink, P Jose Vadequano, SS Angel Chavez, SS Iggy Suarez, P Dave McKae, 2B Travis Denker, P Jarod Plummer, P Derrick Loop, OF Brad Correll

The Red Sox also lost a number of players when they were taken off the 40-man roster and they opted for free agency:

RP Takashi Saito, RP Javier Lopez, 2B Nick Green, C George Kottaras, 1B/OF Jeff Bailey, 2B Gil Velasquez, RP Marcus McBeth, RP Billy Traber, RP Enrique Gonzalez

No one expected Saito to return, but the loss of lefties Lopez and Traber means that we have to sign at least one lefty reliever this offseason. There are a number of quality major league free agents available, and names like Casey Fossum and Chris Capuano are available as minor league free agents.

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Post-2009: Potential free agents

The best way for me to get my mind off the fact that the Red Sox are no longer in the hunt while the Yankees are is to get thinking on the 2010 season before the corpse of 2009 gets too cold. It’s good to know that Epstein sees this team’s core as having one more year left to contend; could that mean we’ll have a bit more of a “win now” approach this offseason?

Bring ’em back?

First we should address the expiring contracts. The Red Sox need to decide whether they want to re-sign these players or let them go to free agency. Then we can examine what to do about any holes.

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2009 September callups and that Kazmir trade

With their grasp on the AL wild card tightening, the Red Sox can take a slightly less accelerated route for prospect promotion this September. So you may not see Michael Bowden or Josh Reddick up here again this season. As of today, they have recalled OFs Brian Anderson and Joey Gathright (remember that backup CF trade I mentioned at the July 31st deadline? Here they are.) SS Jed Lowrie and C George Kottaras will almost certainly join the club, now that rosters have expanded. Lowrie was recently given the all-clear to play.

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A look at the rotation heading into September

As we head into the stretch, it’s nice to know that the rotation is in better shape than a month ago. Here’s a player-specific look at some of the issues.

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8/6/09 Injury update

Jason Bay re-injured his right hamstring, and it will likely take him out of at least two games; that leaves the limited Rocco Baldelli to play in LF, and Nick Green as the fourth OF. J.D. Drew has also missed a few games recently with a groin issue; I don’t have a lot of confidence that this outfield can stay intact for four straight games. With the Sox badly needing to gain some ground in this series with the Yankees, this couldn’t have come at a worse time. Uh, anyone have Josh Reddick’s number?

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The rotation situation will work itself out

Here we sit on August 4th, one-half game out of first place. It was great that we got Victor Martinez at the trade deadline, but the infield corners are not the only place where it seems we have an overflow of players to deal with. The rotation also has a lot of dubious candidates and a lot of question marks; beyond our top two, who should be going out there every fifth day? Six guys, three rotation slots plus a backup starter role. Viewed positively, this is great depth. Negatively, we’re talking about six guys who all have their problems; in 16 starts since July 1, the back end of our rotation has posted a 5-6 record and a collective 6.32 ERA. There are a number of issues which need to be looked at for each one. Let’s think it out.

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Masterson, Hagadone and Price swapped for V-Mart

Apparently, it’s a done deal. Justin Masterson, Nick Hagadone and Bryan Price will be joining the Cleveland organization, and the Red Sox will acquire 1B/C Victor Martinez. The 30-year old Martinez, a switch-hitter, brings a .284/.368/.464 line with him and the flexibility to play first base, DH and catch, which should ensure enough playing time for him. He also brings some postseason experience from 2007, which we know the Sox value.

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