6-15-2010: What moves could be made?

As we are now fully into the month of June, we know that the two-month “evaluation period” is over, and the Red Sox are looking for ways to improve their team. After a horrid start by Boston and a torrid one by both New York and Tampa Bay, it would be easy to discount the Sox, but the truth is that Boston has the best record of all three teams since May 1 and has climbed to within 4 games of the division leaders.

Team W L Pct RS RA Diff
Boston 26 16 0.619 250 186 64
New York 25 16 0.610 237 173 64
Tampa 23 17 0.575 189 160 29

And that’s been done with Jacoby Ellsbury and Mike Cameron missing a huge chunk of that time. So it’s not like anything is irreparably broken, but there’s always room for improvement, right?

Evaluating areas of need

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Trade market: Lefty relievers available

There are at least three good lefty relievers available this trade deadline, and it sure would be nice to add one of them to this team. In order, I like:

  1. George Sherrill, BAL. Has pitched well in the AL and the AL East. 31 years old with good velocity.
  2. Brian Fuentes, COL. 32-year old with good stuff, but has struggled at times. Still wants to close.
  3. Damaso Marte, PIT. Experienced 33-year old who is not as exciting as the others, but is one of the few solid lefties, year after year.

It’s a matter of how much it’ll take to land one of these guys, because every contender is looking to beef up its bullpen.

35-25: Sox take 3 of 4 at Baltimore

It appears that the Baltimore Orioles’ early season run of being not terrible might be over. Still, the Sox (or more precisely, Hideki Okajima) gave up the last game of the series; poised to win with just an inning and a half to go, that was a let down. I’m just looking forward to the Sox getting back to Fenway and their winning ways at home.

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