Links 6-29-2010: Historical hurt? Bonser becomes a FA, Beltre for HoF?

Although it might feel like it lately, BBTF Sox Therapy reminds us that while it’s been bad, this team has not been much more injured than other recent Sox teams. It’s good to keep some perspective, as we face a July full of fill-ins and temporary call-ups.

Boof Bonser cleared waivers today, and elected free agency. Looks like he didn’t show enough this season for any teams to want to give up anything to get him. Looks like the Sox will be on the prowl for more bullpen help. Do you think the Sox would want to revisit one of the free agent relievers available, like Chad Bradford or Hunter Jones? Hard-throwing Juan Cruz is an intriguing arm, but teams are staying away from him for some reason.

Satchel Price at Beyond the Box Score thinks that there are some reasons to think that Adrian Beltre could be headed for the Hall of Fame. I agree that Beltre’s been one of the best third basemen over the past 10-20 years, but I’m skeptical. Last time I checked, HoF voters don’t look at UZR or WAR in their deliberations. They look at things like batting average, HR, and RBI. OPS+ is about as fancy as they get, typically.


Hot Stove 2010: Sox interested in Mike Gonzalez, Soriano?

With the departures of Takashi Saito, Javier Lopez and Billy Wagner, the Sox have some bullpen holes to fill for this season. Even with the presence of several quality arms in this relief corps, we saw the value of having depth last year. Apparently the Sox have requested the medical records of Atlanta free agents Mike Gonzalez and Rafael Soriano. This may not mean too much, but it could mean the Sox are on the verge of making a decision about them and want to make it an informed one.

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Hot Stove 2010: Sox acquire Hermida

Hmm, I didn’t see this one coming. Not at all. The Red Sox today traded LHPs Hunter Jones and Jose Alvarez for the rights to 25-year old OF Jeremy Hermida, who is entering his second year of salary arbitration. The 6-2, 222 Hermida has been slightly above average playing for the Marlins in the NL. As far as we can tell, he is potentially the fourth outfielder for this club in 2010; he may also be a trade chip as part of another deal. I think the latter may make more sense, because Hermida is pretty wretched with the leather and the Sox have more need for a right-handed OF reserve to spell J.D. Drew. So let’s take a look at what we got:

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9/28/2009: Looking ahead to the playoffs

As Dan Shaughnessey¬†points out, getting swept by the Yankees in a series that doesn’t count for anything doesn’t really matter, because the Sox are doing what they do best – getting healthy and prepped for the postseason. It looks like it’s working:

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On the Farm: Trade deadline update

Some of the goings on in the Red Sox farm system as we approach the trade deadline:

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April 2009: Sox start off 14-8

After a slow start, the Boston Red Sox got off to a scorching April, winning 11 in a row and 12 of 14 to finish the month. They did it with timely hitting and a great bullpen, and find themselves right where they want to be in the early standings. Despite an embarrassing 13-0 drubbing at the hands of Matt Garza and the Rays in the final game of the month, things look optimistic for this year’s club. Read more of this post

Sox sweep Yankees for 10th straight win

Ellsbury steals home

Ellsbury steals home

Man, and I thought game 1 was unbelievable. The Red Sox came back from a huge deficit in Game 2, and then broke a 1-1 deadlock in Game 3 to take their 10th straight victory last night, highlighted by Jacoby Ellsbury’s steal of home plate in the 6th (video at Read more of this post