4-4-2010: Opening Day, Sox down Yankees 9-7

Opening Day on Easter Sunday was quite the spectacle. I’m glad they brought in Pedro Martinez to throw the first pitch, and it was entertaining to have Steve Tyler and Neil Diamond sing (even if they weren’t so good). 5-year old Joshua Sacco’s reciting the speech from “Miracle” was entertaining, though I wouldn’t want my own 5-year old boy saying, “Screw ’em!”.

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Sox drop delayed game 4-3

The Sox played well yesterday, but suffered some bad luck in the 8th inning which allowed the Toronto Blue Jays to score all four of their runs. Reid Engel, playing in centerfield, misjudged a fly ball and lost it in the sun; it carried over his head, allowing all three runners to score on what was scored a double for Chip Cannon off of minor league pitcher Barry Hertzler. To be fair, the bases became loaded when Hideki Okajima struggled with his fastball command, walking two men.

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