Links 11-17-2010: Bullpen options, Sox cap offers to Beltre and Martinez, Justin Upton

The best-laid bullpen plans…

After a disastrous 2010 campaign, everyone acknowledges the need for a bullpen overhaul. However, relievers are famously volatile, and most teams regret free agent deals. That’s exactly why the Sox went out and got LHP Andrew Miller and then claimed RHP Taylor Buchholz on waivers. It turns out that he IS related to Clay Buchholz, BTW, though he’s only a distant cousin.

Theo Epstein has stated that he is not against doing a multi-year free agent deal for the right reliever. The ideal guy seems like LHP Scott Downs, who has had success in the AL East and can pitch to both lefties and righties. But he is a Type A free agent, which means we would owe our first-rounder to Toronto should we ink him. Brian MacPherson lists some non-Type A guys that are of interest, and I like Joaquin Benoit and Koji Uehara, but I don’t see Downs as a problem if we sign another Type A such as Jayson Werth, Carl Crawford, Adrian Beltre or Victor Martinez, since our first-rounder would go to someone else rather than Toronto.

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12-7: Ortiz and Ramirez engineer another comeback, 5-3

In their second game at home against the Texas Rangers, the Red Sox looked pretty weak against Texas starter Jason Jennings, managing just two runs in six innings. Jon Lester pitched just barely well enough to keep Boston in it, surrendering 10 hits and 2 walks, but just 3 runs with the help of some timely defense and some good old-fashioned good luck. The bullpen was strong, holding the line, which allowed for the heroics of David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez in the bottom of the 8th against Joaquin Benoit. Jonathan Papelbon pitched a scoreless 9th for his 6th save of the year to seal the 5-3 victory.

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