Hot Stove 2010: Trading for Felix Hernandez

Look, you’re being too short-sighted here. Getting a big bat would be great, but this is a contract year for Josh Beckett and we don’t know what we’ll have in Daisuke Matsuzaka. Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz are great, but two guys does not a rotation make. What are we gonna do if Beckett flies the coop for a deal near $20M/year? What we really should be doing is trading to ensure our future. Solidify the rotation, then you you can go and build the rest of the squad. And there’s no better building block out there than 24-year old Felix Hernandez. Here’s fantasy off-season option B:

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Hot Stove 2010: Trading for Adrian Gonzalez

It seems that an Adrian Gonzalez trade is drumming up the most excitement in Red Sox Nation so far, so let’s formulate an off-season plan revolving around acquiring him from Jed Hoyer’s Padres. Hoyer has noted that a contract extension with Gonzalez is “definitely on the docket”, and he would like to keep him playing for his native San Diego; however with A-Gonz in line for a major free agent deal after 2011, it makes you wonder if the Padres and their $40M payroll will be able to hang on to him much longer (former Padres GM Kevin Towers agrees). Okay, so here’s fantasy off-season plan A (for Adrian):

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Finally, a realistic Manny trade

Will Carroll, who began the Manny Ramirez to the Fish drama last night, has an update. According to him, a three-way deal between the Red Sox, Marlins and Pirates is in its “final stages”. In this scenario, here’s what each team would get:

Boston: OF Jason Bay and LHP John Grabow
Florida: OF Manny Ramirez, cash and a prospect from Boston
Pittsburgh: OF Jeremy Hermida and some prospects from Florida and Boston

This is the first scenario that seems to make sense to me, as Bay is a far more polished hitter than Hermida at this point, and a better substitute for Ramirez. Joe Frisaro at echoes Carroll’s sentiments, lending it some further credence. I think this could work out for all teams involved.

However, a HUGE warning flag is that all of these players were in their lineups tonight. Rather, 1B Mike Jacobs was pulled from the Marlins lineup tonight. If the deal were truly close, they should all have sat. So I say that this has one chance in three or four of happening by the 4PM deadline tomorrow.

UPDATE: Pinch me. Will Carroll reports that the three teams have reached an agreement and contacted the Commissioner’s Office about it. The last (and not trivial) matter is to decide what prospects swap sides and get all the paperwork done by 4PM. This deal could still fall through, but it’s starting to look like it’s hasta la vista, Manny.