6-15-2010: What moves could be made?

As we are now fully into the month of June, we know that the two-month “evaluation period” is over, and the Red Sox are looking for ways to improve their team. After a horrid start by Boston and a torrid one by both New York and Tampa Bay, it would be easy to discount the Sox, but the truth is that Boston has the best record of all three teams since May 1 and has climbed to within 4 games of the division leaders.

Team W L Pct RS RA Diff
Boston 26 16 0.619 250 186 64
New York 25 16 0.610 237 173 64
Tampa 23 17 0.575 189 160 29

And that’s been done with Jacoby Ellsbury and Mike Cameron missing a huge chunk of that time. So it’s not like anything is irreparably broken, but there’s always room for improvement, right?

Evaluating areas of need

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6-2-2010: Cameron still hurting, Ellsbury’s situation, roster changes, prospects

Enduring continuing abdominal issues, Mike Cameron saw a specialist today and was told that there are no new significant issues to worry about. Josh Beckett, on the other hand, has been delayed by about 10 days. Beckett commented that he is caught in rehab limbo, where¬†every day seems like Groundhog Day. The team is playing well, and he certainly wasn’t helping us by playing hurt, so take your time, Josh.

Jacoby Ellsbury is not surprised that he’s still not able to play. In his view, the Boston medical team didn’t take him seriously enough and missed the fact that he’s got four cracked ribs, and he’s miffed about it.

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Links 5-21-2010: Ellsbury back Sat, Ortiz vs the press, offense fine, injury updates, prospect news

First the good news – Jacoby Ellsbury has been given the green light, and will return to the Red Sox on Saturday. Putting him in center improves the outfield defense a lot, and allows us to platoon Darnell McDonald and Jeremy Hermida in LF. Jonathan Van Every will likely be sent down to make room on the active roster.

There’s been a ton of misunderstandings about David Ortiz in the press, and he’s voiced his displeasure about it loudly now that he’s hitting again. Some have taken his quieter demeanor in the clubhouse to mean that he’s sulking.

Matthew Carruth at FanGraphs tells Red Sox fans to point the finger at the rotation and the bullpen, because the offense is doing its job just fine, thank you very much.

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Links 5-11-2010: Beckett tweaks back, Drew out with vertigo, the future

It was announced yesterday that Josh Beckett would be pushed back a day, with Tim Wakefield taking the ball on Wednesday against the Blue Jays. I’m thinking maybe there’s a dead arm issue or something, but now we find out that he tweaked his back taking BP for the upcoming Inter-League series against Philadelphia. Should be a non-issue, but this begs the question, are the Sox going to that pseudo-six man rotation?

David Golebiewski takes a look at Beckett’s peripherals and reaches the same conclusion as I did – nothing seems to be terribly wrong.

J.D. Drew was out with another bout of vertigo yesterday, with Jonathan Van Every taking his place in right field against Toronto. Good thing they were able to salvage that one, after basically being handed the win by Brandon Morrow in the second. It sure felt good to see both the Yanks and the Rays to lose yesterday…

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Links 4-26-2010: Sox add Van Every, sign Ibarra, pitching staff shakeup

The Red Sox apparently really wanted to send Josh Reddick back to Triple-A pretty badly, because they traded a PTBNL to reacquire Jonathan Van Every from the Pirates. It makes sense that they’d want to keep Reddick starting every day and limit his exposure at the Major League level. It controls his service time and retains his value as a trade chip. Recently claimed RHP Santo Luis was designated in order to make room on the 40-man roster. Both Mike Cameron and Jacoby Ellsbury will travel with the team on this next trip, meaning they could step back in at any time. Good news.

Boston has apparently signed a Major League deal with Cuban catcher Adalberto Ibarra worth a reported $4.3M. That means he’ll go right onto the 40-man roster, and one of the upper-tier catchers (Dusty Brown?) may have to be designated.

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7/11/09 Injury update: Lowell, Lowrie, Dice-K

Mike Lowell says he’s ready to go, and that’s good news for the Sox. We should get an idea pretty quickly about how his hip will hold up after the Synvisc treatment. Apparently the rest not only helped him be more agile, but allowed him to tag the ball a bit harder than he has recently. Again, good news.

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06-29-2009 Injury report

Jason Varitek has been playing through some neck stiffness, perhaps revealing why the Sox saw the need to call up Dusty Brown, even for just a day. Keep pluggin, captain. Josh Beckett has been battling some stuff, but didn’t show it in his last start against the Braves. He should be just fine.

Mike Lowell has ridden his hip too hard this year, and he is feeling it now; he will receive an injection of Synvisc to lubricate the joint, but don’t be surprised if he has to go on the 15-day DL.

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