12-20-2010: Wheeler signs, Parraz claimed by Yanks

The Red Sox added Rhode Island native Dan Wheeler to their bullpen this weekend, signing him to a one-year, $3M deal. Wheeler has pitched successfully in the AL East for many years, and should be a solid addition. The Sox hold a vesting option on him for 2012. Patrick Sullivan gives a nice overview showing how the Red Sox have done their research in signing players like Wheeler and Bobby Jenks.

The Yankees claimed outfielder Jordan Parraz off of waivers from the Red Sox, who we had just claimed from Kansas City this offseason. It would have been nice to have the added centerfield depth, but easy come, easy go.


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It’s starting to look like a near certainty that the Red Sox will sign one of either Jayson Werth or Carl Crawford. As I’ve said before, I like the idea of adding Werth as a long-term right-handed bat with some punch, though Crawford would be a good add as well. Werth is pretty good on defense as well, while Crawford is stellar in that category. Signing either would go a long way towards replacing the offense we’ve lost from last year’s team.

Yes, it’s been a slow offseason so far, but before you start complaining about how the Sox never spend money, read¬†this.¬†They are simply waiting it out. Werth is a Boras client, so any offer made now would simply be used as leverage to drive up the price. Werth will almost certainly not sign before Christmas, and may even hold out until late January.

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