Links 03-23-2010: Mauer, Crawford, Westmoreland, roster shuffling

In case you’ve been living in a cave the past few days, Joe Mauer signed a prodigious 8-year extension with the Twins. That means Victor Martinez becomes the top free agent catcher after this year. To his credit, he says that the deal doesn’t change anything for him and that the ball in is in the Red Sox’ court.

While we’re on the topic of next offseason, it looks like if we want Carl Crawford, we’re going to have to outbid New York for him after 2010.

Ryan Westmoreland was able to leave the ICU last week after his brain surgery, and the prognosis looks good going forward.

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Links 12-10-2009: Rule 5, Sox trade for Bonser, LF progress, Boras BS

The Red Sox lost two prospects through today’s Rule 5 draft. 3B Jorge Jimenez went to the Marlins via the Astros with the 8th pick, and LHP Andrew Zerpa went to the Dodgers via the Rays at number 15. Neither player is projected to be of much use, but you never know what they might turn out to be. Regardless, I think we needed the room on the 40-man roster because:

The Red Sox traded a PTBNL to the Twins for RHP Boof Bonser today. It is likely to be a single-A or double-AA player that goes to Minnesota. The 27-year old showed some promise early, but has been unable to make the Twins’ rotation and struggled in recent years. He throws in the low 90s and also has a pretty good slurvy slider and a curveball. Bonser gives up gopher balls with regularity, which has led to unimpressive ERAs. Still, he’s managed a decent 7.28 K/9 and a respectable 2.87 BB/9, mostly as a starter (4.60 FIP). As a reliever and swingman just entering arbitration, he’s of value to the Sox. Rebuilding that bullpen gets easier by adding a free, somewhat legitimate Major League arm.

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