Links 6-17-2010: Last night redux, Shealy signed, bullpen overuse, more draft signings

For those that missed the game yesterday, I have to say that the box score just doesn’t do justice to the way the game went. The Sox were pounding Rodrigo Lopez all night, with loud outs all over the outfield. Dustin Pedroia is smoking balls every at-bat now. Jon Lester was a bit inconsistent, but his stuff was still electric, freezing guys at the dish. Also not reflected in the box score: Justin Upton’s mammoth home run in the 2nd that landed in Landsdowne Street. That was a Manny Ramirez-type blast. That kid’s got some incredible power.

The Red Sox have signed 30-year old first baseman Ryan Shealy to a minor league deal. Theo Epstein has long coveted Shealy’s on-base skills back when he was still a prospect, but as Ben Nicholson-Smith points out, he does provide some right-handed depth for when Mike Lowell is dealt.

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Links 5-21-2010: Ellsbury back Sat, Ortiz vs the press, offense fine, injury updates, prospect news

First the good news – Jacoby Ellsbury has been given the green light, and will return to the Red Sox on Saturday. Putting him in center improves the outfield defense a lot, and allows us to platoon Darnell McDonald and Jeremy Hermida in LF. Jonathan Van Every will likely be sent down to make room on the active roster.

There’s been a ton of misunderstandings about David Ortiz in the press, and he’s voiced his displeasure about it loudly now that he’s hitting again. Some have taken his quieter demeanor in the clubhouse to mean that he’s sulking.

Matthew Carruth at FanGraphs tells Red Sox fans to point the finger at the rotation and the bullpen, because the offense is doing its job just fine, thank you very much.

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Links 03-23-2010: Mauer, Crawford, Westmoreland, roster shuffling

In case you’ve been living in a cave the past few days, Joe Mauer signed a prodigious 8-year extension with the Twins. That means Victor Martinez becomes the top free agent catcher after this year. To his credit, he says that the deal doesn’t change anything for him and that the ball in is in the Red Sox’ court.

While we’re on the topic of next offseason, it looks like if we want Carl Crawford, we’re going to have to outbid New York for him after 2010.

Ryan Westmoreland was able to leave the ICU last week after his brain surgery, and the prognosis looks good going forward.

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2010 Free agent profile: Vladimir Guerrero

The Red Sox definitely need a contingency plan in case they can’t land Matt Holliday or Jason Bay this offseason. Theo Epstein and company have been thinking outside of the box, even looking at acquiring Dan Uggla to play in left. A right-handed OF with some power who could play left field in Fenway. Hmm, let’s see. How about asking Vladimir Guerrero to move to left?

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Post-2009: Potential free agents

The best way for me to get my mind off the fact that the Red Sox are no longer in the hunt while the Yankees are is to get thinking on the 2010 season before the corpse of 2009 gets too cold. It’s good to know that Epstein sees this team’s core as having one more year left to contend; could that mean we’ll have a bit more of a “win now” approach this offseason?

Bring ’em back?

First we should address the expiring contracts. The Red Sox need to decide whether they want to re-sign these players or let them go to free agency. Then we can examine what to do about any holes.

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Caught red-handed: Just Manny being Manny

Effective yesterday, Manny Ramirez has been suspended 50 games by Major League Baseball for testing positive for a banned substance. Maybe it was the way it all happened that was surprising, but I must say that it doesn’t truly surprise me. I told you the Dodgers would regret signing Ramirez. “Mannywood” indeed!

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2009 Offseason: Rule 5 results, Manny threatens retirement

In the first round of the Rule 5 draft, the Red Sox selected 24-year old RHP Miguel Gonzales out of the Angels organization. already has a page on him; he throws in the low 90s with good command, mixing a slider and a changeup. He has worked as botha  starter and a reliever at Double-A, but missed all of 2008 with a knee injury. He seems to be fully recovered, as he played well in the Mexican Winter League. According to Rule 5, he must stay on the Major League 40-man roster all year, or else be sent back to the Angels.

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