How do you replace David Ortiz?

David Ortiz continues to struggle, even though it seems as if he is hitting some balls harder recently. I don’t think he is done done, but he is certainly hurting the team. Now that we are two months in, it is time to seriously start considering trade options and what they might cost. Unless Papi goes on the DL for 60 days, I think we should look at a right-handed platoon mate for Ortiz, or else a left-handed outfielder who can slot into left and allow the defensively challenged Jason Bay to DH. Here’s a quick rundown of candidates that have been mentioned and what they might cost:

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Links: Sox on the mend, Francona’s health

Mark Kotsay. Now that’s a name you haven’t heard much of lately. But Kotsay is scheduled to return to the Major League roster this Tuesday. It looks like Jeff Bailey’s run as our 1B/OF reserve is over, unless something unexpected happens, like David Ortiz hits the DL or something like that.

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Trade Preview Extravaganza 2009

Almost two months of the season have passed and people’s minds and thoughts inevitably turn towards what can be done to improve the team. I’ve heard some whoppers out there, like trading away our top 4 prospects to get Hanley Ramirez back. Uh, no. But here’s a more realistic look at what is brewing:

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Still supporting Papi, standing pat?

David Ortiz continues to struggle, and is now hitting a paltry .193/.298/.298 for the year. I’m still not convinced that Papi’s career is over, though I’m fine with dropping him to 5th or 6th in the lineup, as Francona did against the Twins this week. Before you call me crazy, recall that Big Papi was hitting just .198/.305/.351 on May 2 last year, and that turned out okay, wrist and all. Of course, this is the end of May and numbers are starting to mean something at this stage of the year, so I’m not ruling anything out, either. It’s quite possible that his wrist is not as whole as everyone thinks it is. If that’s the case, you can not simply cut him or trade him, because he could very well return to form, given enough rest.

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