11-23-2010: Martinez signs with Detroit

There are widespread reports today that the Detroit Tigers are ready to sign Victor Martinez to a 4-year, $50M contract. The annual value of the deal is $12.5M, and ranks as one of the largest free agent contracts for a catcher in baseball history. Reportedly, he had competitive offers on the table from the Orioles and the White Sox, while the Red Sox maxed out their offer at 4 years and $42M. Peter Gammons was right again.

Let’s get something straight – the Red Sox weren’t outbid; they passed. Epstein could have easily matched the Tigers’ offer, but he just didn’t want Martinez as our catcher for the next four years. The Tigers are willing to live with Martinez’ defense. A very tough stance for Theo to take in this town, but kudos to him. Let’s see what happens over the next 4 seasons, and don’t forget the two compensation picks we’ll get as a result of this signing.

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2008 Offseason: Free agents of interest

The Red Sox have some needs to address, but it appears that their roster and stable of near Major League-ready talent doesn’t have a lot of space right now. Thus, it seems that a trade is the most likely route this offseason; nevertheless, here is what is potentially available on the free agent market (links point to all recent MLB Trade Rumors articles tagged to that player). We’ll start with two of the bigger names, then focus on the Red Sox needs for any potential good fits.

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31-19: Sox sweep Royals, go 7-0 on homestand

Boston swept Kansas City in this 4-game series, making it a perfect homestand. The Red Sox are quickly compiling the best home record out of anyone in baseball; they are now 21-5 at Fenway for the year. Kicking off a series with a no-hitter must do some serious psychological damage to the team that got no-hit, because the Royals struggled offensively until game 4 in this one.

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28-19: Lester tosses no hitter against the Royals

Clay Buchholz got his last year, and now Jon Lester (3-2) has his. The 24-year old lefty collared the Kansas City Royals for 8 innings, earning the complete game shutout and no-hitter. I think it’s now safe to say that he’s made a full recovery from his lymphoma. He had to use 130 pitches, which is not ideal, but he threw a lot of strikes tonight, walking only two and striking out nine Royals. They really need to figure him out; Lester threw most of a one-hitter against Kansas last July. For a lefty to throw a no-hitter in Fenway is even more impressive, as much as righties like to use the Monster to play wall ball with relatively medium-distance fly balls. A wind blowing in from the outfield likely helped tonight, but it’s still a great, great moment for the young pitcher.

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