Links 3-16-2010: Westmoreland, Lowrie, more ST notes, Nomar, our offense, the farm system

Bad news this week: OF prospect Ryan Westmoreland has been discovered to have a brain malformation, and he has been placed on medical leave. He’s due to have surgery today in Arizona, so let’s all remember him and his family.┬áSS Jed Lowrie is also undergoing tests after feeling weak and experiencing an accelerated heartbeat this week. What is going on with all these repeat injury guys?

Despite earlier claims that he’s better, Daisuke Matsuzaka continues to disappoint Red Sox Nation, as he was scratched from throwing BP today. He threw a 19 pitch bullpen instead. First it was the back, then the neck.. He has been rescheduled for Wednesday, and there is speculation that he will start the year on the DL. David Ortiz, meanwhile, dismissed questions about his Spring hitting and then proceeded to blast a home run against the Orioles today. Nice work, Papi.

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Links 1-14-2010: Signed Shouse, more defensive hype, the rookie program

The Red Sox signed 41-year old Brian Shouse to a minor league deal last week. Shouse is a decent LOOGY candidate can could fill a Javier Lopez-type role this season.

For those of you who want to know what kind of difference improved defense could make this year, defensive stats guru John Dewan suggests that Boston may have added something like 8 wins based on defense alone. I’m a fan of good defense, but I’ll believe it when I see it. More likely, an improvement of 2-4 wins is in order. Dave Cameron writes about the shift of the Red Sox this offseason from OBP to UZR.

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Links 2009-11-23: Holliday vs Bay, shopping Lowell, Manuel claim, Drew’s shoulder, Sox Hot Stove

There’s a really long article with lots of pretty pictures on Baseball Analysts (one of my long-time favorite sites) comparing Matt Holliday and Jason Bay. Holliday seems to cover the plate better, but Bay’s command of the strike zone is impressive; that 15.0% walk rate this year was not an accident. Bay also seems to be a better fastball hitter, though he pulls a lot and Holliday sprays the ball and uses the field more. From the charts it looks like if you want to get Holliday out, you throw a mixture of breaking stuff in the dirt and high heat.

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2009 Offseason: Sox trade Pauley for Bierd

Pitcher David Pauley, who is out of minor league options and was designated for assignment this week, has been traded to the Baltimore Orioles for right-handed reliever Randor Bierd. Pauley, who was acquired from the Padres’ system, was a nice depth guy for the rotation, but another guy that the Red Sox would not commit any real playing time to. Best of luck to you, David.

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