Links 10-15-2010: This year, next year, and prospect news

About This Season

Pitching and defenseĀ didn’t work because we didn’t pitch well and we didn’t play defense. At least not well enough. But we did still finish 6th overall according to this sabermetric ranking of teams. The Giants? Eleventh.

What exactly did the injuries cost us this season? Could we still be playing, had things gone differently? It’s a question many people are asking, including Brian MacPherson. On the other hand, putting our injuries into the context of MLB shows that while we did lose a lot of position players this year, our pitching staff actually fared quite well.

He didn’t miss much time because of it, but Marco Scutaro was playing hurt a lot this year. I was quite pleased with his performance for the most part, but the OBP was slightly disappointing.

Exactly how good was Jon Lester this year? If you look at the total of no-hit innings pitched this year by each pitcher, Lester finished second, behind Felix Hernandez. That’s pretty good company. On the other hand, we should expect a bit of regression next year from the lowest ERA on our staff.

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5-25-2010: Lackluster Lackey?

First of all, yes, I agree that so far the Red Sox haven’t gotten what they paid for in John Lackey, who was supposed to make up the third leg of the best starting three in baseball. The 31-year old hasn’t been a force on the mound yet, and his numbers are just plain bad at 5.6 K/9, 4.3 BB/9, a 5.07 ERA, and a 5.15 xFIP. That’s fewer strikeouts, more walks and a lot more runs than we were expecting him to give up. Some had chalked this up to bad command, while others have mentioned his curveball being a problem. Things look bleak right now for Lackey and the Red Sox, who just committed almost $83M this offseason. The only bright spot would seem to be his 4-3 record. But the whole point of me writing this is to try and convince you that Lackey hasn’t suddenly just lost it.

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Papi, Sox optimistic about wrist

Sox slugger David Ortiz has been diagnosed with a partially torn tendon sheath in his left wrist, and placed on the 15-day DL. He is wearing a cast for the next two weeks, at least. Different sources have estimated that he will miss 2-4 weeks. From the beginning, the front office has downplayed the severity of the injury (not that we’d expect anything else).

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